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How Pollution Affects the Environment

How Pollution Affects The Environment

Over all the past years environmental problems haven´t been much of and issue. It is now after suffering the first effects of the environmental problems, that the environment has become a theme of interest. Many facts and theory has been established about this particular topic since it is affecting the live on our planet more and more. After further investigations there have been discovered three main pollutions that affect our planet. The main pollutants are air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.

The air can be contaminaded in multiple ways weather by harmful gases, smog or inceneration. This air pollution affects more the plants since it disturbes the process of photosynthesis and causes therefore the death of the plant. Clime change is also something that affects directly the plants and animals by changing their vegetation and pushing them to new habitats that don´t cover all their needs. Global warming which is caused by greenhouse gases that absorb the sun heat and reflect them back to the earth´s surface without leting them out to space affects many animals that are used to live in colder regions since they have to manage to live in new terains. At the end, any sort of air pollution affects not just the humans but also the plants and animals.

Water pollution is the contamination of large water bodies.This contamination is not only causing problems to people but also to animals, fishs and birds. Once water is polluted it poisens animals and complicates recreation.  Acid rain is another of the major problems for the ocean, because it affects the acidity of the water and damages the fishes and other aquatic animals. At last the water is the main alimantation and therfore the contamination it causes so much destruction.

Land pollution is the destruction of land caused by junk and chemicals. Pesticides have realy caused many problems in the environment because thanks to the weather they traveled miles and miles away. They even have been found on the antartik. The bat thing is that some birds eat crops with this chemicals and die. In other cases this chemical is found in the ocean because of precipitation and are than taken in by the gills of the fishs. Therefore pesticides are destroying the earth and animals.

Now we have learned that there are three basic pollutions. Every single pollution has its devasting effects on earth, plants and animals. The presence of harmful gases, smog, chemicals and junk in our ecosystem are the main reason why all these pollutions are affecting our system so much.  Finaly it is our complete lack of judgment that made this destruction.  

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